Day Trip

Since the pantry took a bit longer to complete than expected, our planned overnight jaunt to Colorado Springs got scaled back to a Saturday day trip. 
An early morning start got us to our first stop, Cave of The Winds, well before lunch. 
The view from the ridge was spectacular, from the steep drop into a canyon with walls studded with caves, to Historic Manitou laid out in the distance.
Addy was quick to find entertainment while we waited for our tour to start.

Addy loved the caves, especially the bacon and popcorn formations,
but the rest of us thought they were just okay. Having a better guide might have improved our opinion; ours was pretty bad  bearly bearable.
Our second stop, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, made up for the caves, and then some.
I've never seen so many giraffes in one place
and never so up close and personal.

I counted 16 in the outdoor enclosure, plus several more indoors, including this mother and son.
Addy's giraffe imitation.
We also saw Ellie the friendly porcupine,
a strutting peacock
with the best display
I've ever seen,
who was not impressing the pea-ladies at all, poor guy.
We rode the OMG-I'm-going-to-freeze-to-death tram, that turned into a white-knuckler for Rachel and me when the wind came up on the return journey,
but worth it for the views and the peek down at the pacing tiger who would have been hidden at sidewalk level. 

The new elephant barn and play yard were beautiful, 
with a waterfall and plenty of sand for playing

and this sweetie, 
who put on an impromptu show that drew applause from the crowd. 
Don't you love her smile? 

We got the closest I've ever been to mountain lions; 
we were within arm's reach of this guy. 
So glad that fence was there!

There was plenty for Addy to do and see,  
but it wasn't so kid-centric that adults were bored.

We stayed until they kicked us out at closing time and I'd love to go back again. Soon.