Matt recently bought Leia a golf set - and sent it with her to my house, rather than taking a chance on things getting broken at his house, the bum. 
It sat in my car for a week while Leia was sick, but she finally got to spend an afternoon practicing her swing.
You gotta love the shades and flip flops.
The rules were she had to stay on the grass; keep the ball away from our cars; 
and most important - no chasing a stray ball into the street. 
(Before I'd let her outside, I asked what she'd do if the ball went in the street. She looked at me like I'd lost my mind and said "umm, go get it . . . " Umm, wrong!)
Can you read what her shirt says? We told her "Diva" meant "Princess." Which it does. Sort of. Princess with an attitude anyway.