Addy's Coming!

Rachel and Addy arrive about 11 tonight via Santa Barbara airport - which turned out to be a lot cheaper airfare-wise than either Burbank (no surprise) or LAX (big surprise).

One of the top things on my agenda - other than introducing Leanne to her big cousin - is to have pictures taken of my four grand girls. Since Naia is the hardest to fit, she and I took a quick trip to the mall this afternoon.
After some negotiation, and some fitting room time, we settled on these outfits. Matching dresses for the middle girls, Addison and Leia,

the cupcakes are pockets - so cute!

and coordinating dresses for Naia and Leanne. Can't wait to get them all dressed up tomorrow.


Sharon Marie said...

The dresses are cute and how great it will be to have the 4 granddaughters together. Have fun...

Vickie said...

A great weekend is in store...have fun!!