Lace Madness

Naia and I are both totally hooked on bobbin lace. I'm starting to understand the little dots, slashes and squiggles that constitute patterns, and scarier still, I'm reading lace how-to books for recreation.

This is the most complicated piece I've tried so far - fans and spiders.
There are lots of mistakes in the first two fans - to be expected on a learning piece - but I'm getting better and more confident the further I go.

This afternoon I showed Naia how to start a new bookmark using the bright colors she picked out last week on our trip to the "good" thread store.
As I've come to expect, she got it after a quick explanation, even though the pattern includes two new-to-her stitches.

And at our bobbin lace class tonight, Vibs started Naia on her first butterfly, using metallic yarn and a borrowed pillow since the ones we have, that didn't have projects on them already, were too small.
And yes, that would be pillows plural. A new-to-me roller pillow (with drawers!) and a small (too small, I think) travel pillow for Naia came home with us tonight. And as soon as I post this, I'm off to order a cookie pillow for Naia so we can return the one on loan. Oh, yeah. We're totally hooked.


Vickie said...

You can actually read those dots and dashes...I feel soooo inadequate!