Bobbin' Around

Someone asked what a bobbin lace pattern looks like.
My pillow collection.

In addition to a picture of the finished project,
Naia's butterfly project

each pattern has a pricking, printed on (usually) blue cardstock and pinned to the lac
e pillow, that shows the placement of pins and direction of work; and the "directions" - a term I use very loosely. For Naia's butterfly lace piece, the entire directions look like this - Helpful, yes?

Here's the pattern for my fan and spider lace -
It does have some written instructions, but for the most part they say 'follow the diagram'. The scary part is that, with a little instruction when I started this piece, I almost understand what I'm supposed to do. With lots and lots of unlacing when things don't go the way I almost thought they should.

The latest additions to the pillow collection -
a roller pillow by Simon Toustou of Canada, in burgundy and walnut, with three nice deep drawers. And a small travel pillow with interchangeable block, roller and circle for working different types of lace. I bought this one for Naia, but it's too small for her to work on comfortably. Hope she's happier with the cookie pillow I ordered for her last night.


Vickie said...

I have seen these patterns before...thought it was a joke. OMG, that is a real pattern?? I am doubly impressed that you & Naia understand!

Anonymous said...

I am simply amazed at what you and Naia are doing....and the pillow collection--fabulous. kt