Gramma's Closet

Naia's 4th grade class is celebrating Gold Rush day tomorrow and the kids are encouraged to dress in character. As soon as she got home from school today, we hit my closet, looking for potential costume pieces.

This straw hat was the first thing Naia spotted -
and we based the rest of our design around it. One flannel shirt, one wool shawl, one leather belt, and one crocheted purse later, we had what I think is a darn cute costume. Naia was so thrilled, she wore this to knit night this evening. She's a little worried about wearing the costume to school, but not enough to not wear it. I think she looks adorable, very miner chic.


Judy D in WA said...

I think she is absolutely adorable! A very fashion forward miner. :)

Vickie said...

Naia, I've participated in these Gold Rush Days'events; your outfit is beyond perfect!! Enjoy the day, honey.

Anonymous said...

because of the way of things currently, and if I'm making the correct assumption, I can see where she's coming from on being a bit timid to wear it to school--displaying our enthusiasms can certainly be risky sometimes. I know from my own experience that the fear of judgment can cause us to choose to not be ourselves in favor of being someone that we're not so that it is less painful in the short-term.

Regardless of what dear Naia's feelings are, I offer the following: changing to become someone you are not is only a temporary solution to what would be an ongoing problem. The problem is that many people judge other people who are different than themselves-simply because they are different. They themselves are afraid of judgment and instead of facing themselves in the mirror and accepting what they see and coming out with what's real, they decide to punish those who do have the esteem to just be themselves--even, and maybe even especially, if that person is actually quite similar to themselves. It's all quite illogical, really, but when we are confused we are easier to control.

To cure this problem, we need only to live and let live. That is, be yourself, and allow others the same freedom to be themselves without negative repercussion. Of course, people will disagree with one another at times, but that doesn't mean that those two people have to force themselves to be with one another all the time. You can disagree with someone and still be friends, you can disagree and decide not to hang out, you can even not hang out with someone, even if you really like them--just because you feel like doing something else that day. The possibilities are literally endless.

I said before that not being yourself will only treat the problem in the short-term. What I mean by that is that you can continue to choose to be someone you're not so that you're accepted by those around you, but by not being yourself, you are only hurting not only yourself but also mankind on the whole. You are literally suffocating existence by withholding your true self. Each person is equally important and brings something equally as important as the next person. Without even one person, the entire universe is out of balance--hence the statement regarding the way things are currently. We have so many people refusing to be themselves for various reasons--I'm still learning and growing, and sometimes I catch myself repressing myself when it is not necessary...so I'm not saying that I know everything or that I'm perfect. If that were the case, I probably wouldn't exist and there wouldn't be a point to existing anyway.

I'll try to end it there for now as I feel I've already colored outside the lines as it is--not trying to stir the pots here, just trying to jog the ol' noggins in a friendly way.

I've been reading your blog regularly for awhile now and have not yet commented that I can remember, but this particular subject jumped out at me, and I considered it an open door that I decided to walk through. I offer my opinions and suggestions with a warm heart and an open mind, and I hope that is alright with you.

best of luck, friends.