Naked No More

Out with the old warp - and, after a quick dusting and general tidying, in with the new. The 442 threads I wound on the 16th made the transition to the loom today - not bad after letting it sit idle for the last year. I got half the reed threaded tonight and hope to finish that part tomorrow night, after I teach two back-to-back crochet classes. Or I may just come home, put my feet up and relax.

Today was also the first session of our local rigid heddle study group. Our first project was to put a small amount of carpet warp on our loom and weave coasters with cut-up t-shirts. I didn't have any shirts I wanted to part with, so I used some thick, colorful yarn Edie brought to share.
I'm hoping I have enough yardage to make a small bag to hold weaving tools - most of which I forgot today. (And I started to warp my loom backwards yet again. When, oh when, am I going to figure that out???)

Since I had warp left on the loom, I brought it home for Naia to finish off. We'd cut up some levi's awhile back, so I started threading the strips together as she wove.
She didn't get very far today - the lure of the Disney movie marathon was greater than the call of the loom - but she wants to finish it up tomorrow. I love having another fibernista in the house.


Vickie said...

OK, that kid is giving me a serious complex!!! 9 yrs. old and putting everyone to shame. "You go, Naia!"