It's been over a year since I've woven on the big looms. I made a threading error when I put the second overshot potholder warp on Alice, the Baby Wolf; I couldn't decide whether to fix it or scrape the whole thing, so I folded her up and let it sit. But thanks to Deborah, my weaving mentor, who said 'dump it; it's keeping you from weaving," that warp is history.

Tonight, while the little girls lay on the floor
and watched Disney's Robin Hood (another of the classics), I started winding the 8/2 cotton warp for a set of kitchen towels. 442 ends, each 4 yards long - that's a lot of yarn and a lot of winding. Every time I wind a warp, I'm so grateful I bought a warping mill rather than a warping board. So much easier on my arms and shoulders - and spinning the mill is very meditative and soothing. For someone who had no clue what she was doing at the time, I made a darn good decision.
Tomorrow . . . . Phase 2 - on to the loom!