Weaving and Weather

I know people just about everywhere else on earth laugh at what So. Californians call "weather" but we actually had a storm yesterday. It was raining when we got up about 7:30 a.m. and continued raining hard almost continuously until almost 11 last night. Fairly early on, a sharp gust of wind took out the orchid tree in the front yard - fortunately no cars were parked near it so nothing was damaged except the view out my front window. I loved that tree; it blooms in the winter when most everything else is dormant and bare.

But rainy weather is great weaving weather. I got half of my towel warp threaded last night and finished it up today. Made a silly rookie mistake (hey, it's been a year since I warped!) and wound the warp the wrong way over the back beam. Couldn't understand why the brake kept slipping as I wound on; the loom was trying to tell me what an idiot I was being. Finally listened, unwound at least 3 of the 4 yards, and rewound it, correctly this time. Tomorrow I'll - hopefully - start the actual weaving and see if I made any threading errors I haven't already caught (found 2 as I was tying on). Crossing my fingers . . . .
My weaving assistant. Cute but lethal to any stray threads.