Second Project

Naia and I have been talking about what she'd like to do for her second weaving project. Her first scarf was a big success - so much so that she has a list of friends who've asked her to make them one. Our plan - subject to change, of course, after we do a bit of sampling and see how it looks and feels - is to cut up some of her out-grown jeans and use them as weft. Naia's thrilled that her old clothes can be turned into something so cool. (And I'm thrilled she won't be able to try sneaking out of the house again, wearing her favorite much-too-small shorts.)

Naia got the 12" Knitters Loom warped in about an hour tonight (with only a little hindrance help from her baby sister who does not like being left out of anything Naia is doing.) She did all the work herself, except for tying the final knots after the warp was wound on. Actual weaving should commence tomorrow once homework is done (and I'm betting she's going to be very motivated to get it done quickly. Bonus for me!)
And another bonus? I get to try out the new-to-me strip cutter I bought earlier this month. Enabling a new weaver and playing with new toys. Can it get any better?