FO and a Half

Finding time to blog has taken a back seat to finding time to craft. I finished Leanne's baby blanket in time for Marie's baby shower this Sunday - and I'm about halfway through the Pi Shawl I started in class last week. I decided to do the medium difficulty shawl, the one with concentric circles (yarn-overs) every 5 or 6 rows. About the time I get bored with the pattern, the yarn starts to change color and I get re-energized. I've gone from green to lavender, and blue is next up. Last class is Feb. 2 and I need to have this done and ready to start the border. Anyone want to place a bet on that?

Leanne's blanket was supposed to be a hexagranny but - since apparently I can't count - it ended up as a pentagranny.
I changed colors at random, using more pink since I had 3 balls of that and only 1 of white from the 75% off sale at Pearl's. I eventually found more white at Anacapa, but it was on backorder for a looooong time - I was getting seriously worried I wouldn't get the blankie done on time.
I pinned it out for blocking today with a little help from Leia,
who was anxious to show off the Mardi Gras beads she appropriated from Naia after the later left for school this morning. Edie gave these to Naia at spin night last night and both girls love them. They've been great for talking about colors and counting and sharing and bugs (the lobster you see in Leia's hand; she loved it at first but later decided it was scary.) So sweet of Edie and it made two little girls very happy.

Please pardon my bed-head; I have a cold
and combing my hair was not on my agenda for the day.
Love, Leia


Rebekah said...

Very nice. I like the Pentagranny. You can say the one corner is for putting over the baby's head.

Leia is soooo cute.