Little Girls

The little girls are spending most of their time with us these days. It's occasionally exhausting - Leia thinks her legs don't need to work when Meema's around to carry her - but it's also fun and rewarding.

Naia with her bling iPod

Naia's grades have started to improve (hooray!) - the math and sight word flashcards we use 3-4 times a week are starting to pay off. And at her request, we've started reading the first Harry Potter book each night before bedtime. I love being able to curl up with a little girl and read together. The book is hard for Naia but she's enjoying it and is very insistent that we don't skip a night.

Leia loves her preschool (3 days a week) and has become quite the little artist, bringing home a new artwork everyday.
She's also very into her 'babies'. She received this doll and stroller last week as a late Christmas present from relatives. It instantly became her most favorite - and my least favorite - because it talks and sings. Constantly. Loudly. And at the slightest movement. I've tried sneaking the controls to 'off' but Leia quickly figured out that trick. She adores this doll even more than Princess Tiana. Does it make me a bad Meema if I hope the batteries run out soon?


Marie said...

Not a bad meema, just a sane human being. lol