New Bobbin Lacer

Since Naia did so well with weaving, I thought she might like to try bobbin lace. She went with me to class tonight and . . . . . . got it on the first try! She did much better than my buddies and I did in our first class. It took us the entire 2 hour session to make one little fish (the traditional first project). Naia got hers done in under an hour and immediately started another, harder pattern.

My fish is at the top left, Naia's red first fish is next to it.

The kid's a natural. And I am one proud grandma!


Laurie Laliberte said...

Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be able to pass on a beautiful talent/hobby and to be such a positive influence?

It's almost as good to be able to read about it. :o)

Rebekah said...

I am intrigued by bobbin lace. It seems so difficult and intricate. Is it? Do you have any good suggestions on a book I could read about it. my e-mail is rebekah.irene@gmail.com