Diagonal Crazy Scarf

Finished this class sample last night and got a couple of photos before leaving for the Ravelry party at Unwind tonight (photos tomorrow since my phone is still slooooooowly uploading the pix). I love how the stripes run diagonally and the texture pattern runs vertically. Makes an unusual, visually interesting scarf - and it's an easy pattern, just a 2-row repeat once you get going. I'm still debating adding another row to the border. I'm leaning toward 'yes' - it's just not looking 'finished' to me yet. I'll decide tomorrow after my Tunisian class at TNNA.


Vickie said...

Very cool pattern...sure shows off the great color blends!

Anonymous said...

That is really pretty. I like how it turned out.

Laurie Laliberte said...

It's rare that I use or suggest fringe on a scarf, but that just may be the finishing touch you're looking for. This is a very pretty pattern for a self striping yarn.