Icelandic Shawl

I started this back in July as part of '10 Shawls in 2010' but couldn't quite get it done before 2011 rolled around. Almost made it - this would have been #20 for the year but shoulder and wrist pain made me rethink priorities. But it's now knit, soaked, blocked, guarded

Leia insisted on making her 'bed'
right beside where I had the shawl blocking

and modeled by Leia,
and the cat, both indoors and in the great outdoors.

Pattern is 'Traditional Icelandic Three-Cornered Shawl'
by Halldóra Skarphéðinsdóttir. The yarn is almost an entire skein* of Kauni 8/2 Effektgarn, a sport-weight Shetland-type wool that is fast becoming one of my favorite fibers. It's a little stiff straight from the skein, but it's heaven to work with - absolutely no splitting and the colors are wonderful - and softens up nicely when soaked in a bit of warm water and wool wash (I use SOAK but hair conditioner works too.) The finished shawl is light, airy, warm and wonderful. Can't wait to show it off at Guild Saturday.

* I had planned to use the entire skein but, with only two rows left to go, the d##n cable pulled out of the d##n KnitPicks interchangeable needles** and I had to carefully pick up the several dozen stitches that had fallen off while sitting in my knitting bag. Can you say 'not a happy camper'? I held my breath and didn't even dare to swear until I had them all safely back on the repaired d##n cable.

** I've had this happen before, on other projects. Which is why I'm switching to Addy Click Interchangeable needles. Love.Them.


Carolyn said...

Hmmmm...I remember this!! good for you...finished! Well, I frogged mine...but really want to do one in another yarn. Hope I can remember how or at least understand the instructions (lol) I love the color...and of course the models!