How To Entertain A Two-Year-Old

We took Leia with us on a lunch trip to Ventura Harbor today. What started out as a quick trip for fish 'n chips turned into a 2-hour adventure. It still amazes me how much fun little kids can be, and how fresh and new everything is to them.

How to entertain a 2-year old:
First you feed them oyster crackers and french fries, with lots of ketchup on the side.

Then you take them on a hike around the harbor,
admiring the boats, dodging the gulls and taking pictures (while giggling like crazy) at all the usual tourist spots. You watch the look of pure joy when they first see the carousel (we were the only riders) and chase behind when they take off at a dead run for the ice cream store (where they've obviously been before with Dad) yelling 'ice cream, ice cream, ice cream' all the way up the stairs, through the shop and right to the counter. How could anyone say 'no' to that face?
Then you bring them home for a nap - but they stay awake and you fall asleep, totally exhausted from your big adventure.