Weekend Highlights

Our weekend trip to Colorado was wonderful. The weather was great - high 70's - and we even had time for a quick trip to Estes Park.

John and Rachel have done a great job redecorating the house and getting it ready for Addy's baptism party. When Rachel and John got together, most (all?) of the walls in the house were painted white. Rachel has always had a great eye for color and now there is color everywhere. Addy's room is a very restful sage green and purple.
Addy and Auntie Rie-Rie

Rachel asked Dick to help her surprise John by putting up the mural they'd purchased some time ago but haven't had a chance to get on the wall. (Something about a five-month old taking up all their time?) This is their basement area - and yes, the walls really are orange. I told you Rach likes color. Once the mural was up, it made the color look richer and tied the whole room together. The punching bag will be moved back out of the way once the planned wood border/frame goes up around the mural.

I finished Addy's christening blanket about 9 Friday night.
It looks blue on my monitor, but it's actually a dusty lavender. The yarn is cotton and tencel; the tencel gives it a sheen that matches the silk in Addy's dress. I wanted something very simple - and fast, since I only decided to make this five days before the event - so I opted for a large granny square with a scalloped border. I was really pleased with the results. Saturday was devoted to Addy's christening and the party. Addy was a doll all day, even though her naps kept getting interrupted. She had a portrait session at 11 a.m. (you can see some of the photos here), the christening at 3, and her party at 5. Whenever she started to get fussy while we waited at the church, I just pointed a camera at her. The kid is such a ham - every time she sees a camera, she poses and smiles. She kept the entire audience entertained during the ceremony. Addy saw Gary with the video camera and really played to it - smiling, laughing, blowing raspberries. There was some (probably) inappropriate giggling from the adults at her antics.

Sunday we slept in, getting up just in time for a quick trip to Estes Park. I told Dick as we started out that I wanted to see a mountain goat or big horned sheep on this trip . . . . and this guy was happy to oblige.
He was standing at the very edge of the roadway in Big Thompson Canyon, protecting his harem of about eight ladies. Car after car would stop, take his picture, and drive off and he just patiently stood there. Very cool. We only had about an hour and a half in Estes - just long enough to buy cookies, silk yarn, and find a new artist that we really like. Can't wait to go back again!