Back On Deadline

I started Addy's christening dress back in March but put it on hold when the ceremony was moved from April 14 to May 19. Unfortunately for me, the little stinker kept right on growing. This is Sweet-Sweet in April . . . . and on May 1. So today I rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrripped the dress back to the armholes and redid it, adding two rows to the bodice before starting the skirt. Since the number of stitches increases in each row, this added width as well as length. After about six hours of steady work, I'm just a little further along than before my trip to the frog pond. I have four rows to go before the pattern settles into a two-row repeat, which continues until I reach the right length. I love the pattern and the detailing - and I love the look of the yarn (Debbie Bliss Pure Silk).

Working with this stuff is another story. It's so slippery, the neat little ball I made on my winder falls apart after just a few rows. I've spent almost as much time untangling this mess as I have crocheting. I think that, rather than wind the next skein into a ball, I'm going to work with it still on the swift. It's got to be faster than what I've been doing. (I hope.)