Graduation Time

Marie graduated from Ventura College today with High Honors (3.8+ GPA). She decided just two weeks ago that she wanted to 'walk', so her name wasn't in the program, but that didn't stop us from celebrating her accomplishment.
Graduation was held in the gym (excuse me, the "Event Center").
The acoustics were terrible - it was very hard to hear the speakers - but being indoors, out of the chilly "June gloom" was nice. I'm guessing that about 200 of the 950 graduates participated in the ceremony.
Marie said she didn't hear when her name was read; she was too busy trying not to trip going up and down the podium stairs. In addition to keeping up with her studies - you don't get that high a GPA without a lot of sleepless nights - Marie's worked from two to five jobs at a time for the past few years. High on her list of planned summer activities? "Sleep".

In the fall, Marie plans to attend Cal State University, Channel Islands, working toward her elementary school teaching credential. Congratulations, Marie!