Amazing Crochet Lace

It's amazing what a good blocking will do. The shawl is much bigger (my rant from yesterday still holds though) and the drape is incredible. I didn't realize how 'bunchy' the wool fiber was while I was working with it. It feels so much lighter now and it's fun to wear. Love the colors too. (The color is more accurate in the photos above, but you can see the variegation better in this one.) Blue Curacao Shawl - aka the pineapple shawl - from Doris Chan's "Amazing Crochet Lace". 100% superwash wool with a "J" crochet hook. Fun, fast project, but not for beginners or those who need to follow a pattern step-by-step.


Woven ~N~ Spun said...

Very Pretty :)

Lynne E. said...

Beautiful job--both the crocheting and the blocking!

Sam said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Excellent job!

I have that book on my wish list and I have a feeling that it will be jumping into my shopping cart ASAP. :)