Freeway Fun

Marie was afraid I wouldn't have anything to blog today, so look what she did, just for me. . . Kidding aside, she's not seriously hurt - just a golf ball-sized knot on her knee and a going-to-be-spectacular-tomorrow bruise from the seat belt.

She was the last car in what looked to be an eight to ten car pile-up on the 101 freeway. It looks like her front fender slid under the SUV in front of her. Their back bumper missed her bumper entirely and slammed into Marie's engine compartment, causing considerable damage. Her poor car had to be pushed out of traffic lanes by the CHP; it's definitely not driveable.
Nobody was seriously injured - thank heavens - and Marie's car looked like it sustained the worst damage. Want to place bets on whether or not the car is totaled? I say yes, but Dick says maybe not. We'll see what the insurance adjuster has to say next week.