Happy Blogiversary

It was one year ago today that I wrote my first blog post. The lovely Lisa talked me (challenged me?) into starting my own little web diary when I complained about my inability to find crochet/fiber/knitting blogs. I wasn't sure I'd like blogging - wasn't sure I'd keep writing - wasn't sure I'd get any readers. But with a grandchild on the way, (yes, she has her own blog. Doesn't every 5 month old?) multiple hobbies and a herd of cats, I figured I had enough fodder to at least give it a try.

One year and 241 posts later, I can safely say I like this blogging thing. I like the camaraderie of fiber bloggers, the sense of community, the exchange of ideas, the encouragement and feedback. I like sharing yarn p0rn.
I like having a place to put all the flower photos I feel compelled to take but never do anything with. I like that I have friends I never would have met if not for our blogs.

So if you're reading this, thanks for a great year and happy blogiversary to you. And Lisa? Thank you very, very much.


Lisa said...

Not that I'd ever say I told you so, but I so totally told you so. :)

Congrats on your first year of blogging. I was proud of you when you posted your first entry and I'm even prouder today!