Not Just Crochet

Why yes, I do still spin. Why do you ask? Just because it's been a few months since I showed any evidence of it. . . .

Tomorrow is spinning night at my LYS. All my bobbins were full of singles so if I was going to spin, I had to ply some yarn. Plying can be boring and monotonous but that's not why I've been avoiding it. My last couple of attempts haven't worked out all that well. I've been a little gun shy and hesitant to take another shot at it. But tonight I bit the bullet (sorry, I'll stop now), broke out the Lendrum's plying head, and got down to business.

This is 311 yards (that's the most yardage I've ever gotten!) of merino, alpaca, silk and angelina goodness from Kimberly's Pixie Batts. I love the colors and the bit of sparkle from the angelina.
I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, especially given how long it's been since I've done any spinning. And it's balanced! Always a plus.The girls were not impressed. AJ tried to sit in my lap while I was spinning but got bored and curled up in her shoebox. She opened one eye and gave me 'the look' when I posed the yarn on her, but other than that, she ignored me. Doesn't she look nice in blue?