Countdown to Christening

The second and fourth Thursday of each month, I spend the afternoon at my favorite yarn shop, available to help customers with wayward crochet projects. It's a fairly new program and Thursday afternoons aren't very busy in the yarn business, so I have a lot of time to work on my own projects. Which is a very good thing since Addy's christening is only nine days away.

Today I started - and almost finished - her bonnet. It's made from the same Debbie Bliss Pure Silk as the dress and booties.
I need to get some pearl cotton (or maybe silk embroidery floss?) for edging and some silk ribbons for the tie, and this one's done. The dress is about 2/3 done; it's a stay-at-home project now that I'm crocheting with the yarn still on the swift. I still need to start the booties but I think they will go pretty quickly.

Piece of cake, right? So what do I do? Come up with another project! Tonight I decided Addy needs a christening blanket to go with her dress.
sigh. Want to bet I'm still working on that on the flight to Denver?