I’ve taken a Sashiko class once beforeso when a local guild offered an all day workshop I signed up more for the social aspect than anything else. I definitely don’t need more obsessions hobbies and thought I was pretty safe since the first class left me underwhelmed hobby-wise. 

 Nancy Ota’s Clouds

I’d forgotten what a difference a great teacher - and a different angle - can make. The first class was presented as ‘visible mending’, an idea that was just gaining popularity. Today’s workshop focused on quilts and embellishments as art.

 Nancy Ota’s Cranes and Bamboo

And it was gorgeous. And fun. And relaxing.

I am soooooo hooked. 

My first practice piece was nothing to write home about. (It’s a Plover, a type of bird.)

But I love my second piece, which I finished at home tonight. It reminds me of rosepath, one of my favorite weaving structures, but it’s done with just straight lines - no complicated charts or instructions to follow. 

I may have bought the pattern for Cranes And Bamboo (above). And a kit for Fans.

And stopped on the way home to buy multiple yards of dark blue cotton/linen fabric when I had a sudden Great Idea. 

 Sample by Nancy Ota

I may not have wanted a new obsession hobby, but I definitely have one.