Quilty New Year

A friend and I hit a couple of fabric shop sales on New Year’s Eve and I fell hard for this glorious orange and pink batik.

Normally I’d buy a yard, take it home and add it to the stash. But all I could think about (or talk about; sorry, Reyna!) was finding fabric to go with it so I could make something. 

We found the white batik almost immediately but locating the third color took awhile; the green was ok but I didn’t love it; my head said the darker blue (bottom right) was the best contrast . . .

but my heart really, really wanted that bright Caribbean blue. 

That night, I went through all my books and magazines while watching TV and waiting for the ball to drop, 

and tonight Leanne supervised while I cut and sewed and played with potential layouts. The original pattern* was 5 blocks by 7 blocks, approx 45” x 60”. Too small.

I didn’t like 6 x 7 blocks - my weird brain says rows must be an odd number - 

so 7 x 9 it is. Or will be, once I make more blocks tomorrow. Good thing I bought extra fabric!

* Pattern is Stepping Up Quilt by Donna Robertson.


captainhook said...

Wow, that was fast! From shop to top in no time! So beautiful.