Quilty Goals

My goal for this long weekend is to finish up 3 quilt tops and get them to my favorite long-arm quilter this next week. As of Saturday night, 2 tops are done and the third is underway.

Last in, first done: Bought the fabric for this on New Year’s Eve, started cutting and sewing on New Year’s Day. Pattern is “Stepping Up”, a free online download. 

I fell hard for that orange fabric - and still love it - but now that the top is done, I think I may give it away. Can’t keep them all, right??

Jac’s Flower: I was given that pink flower - already cut, with interfacing attached - and the quilt pattern last fall. Put them together with a jelly roll that’s been in my stash for years and some yellow Grunge left over from another project, but then I stalled out on the appliqué. 

Found Baby Shark cuddle fabric (Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo) on the New Year’s Eve fabric run and knew it had to be the backing for Jac’s quilt. She loves that song!

Added a cute snail for the flower’s center, appliquéd everything down, and project #2 is done. 

Last but not least: First 2 rows of the deer quilt are done. Top-stitching the antlers is slooooooooow going; each deer takes me 12-15 minutes and I have to take a break every two or three blocks to unkink my back. 

It’s coming together nicely though. I may not get project #3 completed this weekend, but it will be close.