First Pie

Leia is the grandgirl most interested in baking. We’ve done cakes, cookies and bread, so when she came to spend the day today, we decided to try baking her first pie.

Leia isn’t fond of most fruits so our choices were limited to pumpkin or chocolate. Yummmm, chocolate!

My MIL made fantastic pies, so we pulled out her crust recipe and did everything old-school, from sifting the flour,

to measuring the shortening in water

and cutting it in using two knives.

Leia rolled it out on my new silicone mat (purchased especially for today’s project; it’s wonderful!!)

before we patted it carefully into the baking dish. 

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? We may try for fancy fluted edges next time; this time I just wanted it safely in the dish!

We filled the shell with chocolate fudge pie, from a recipe I cut from a newspaper many (many!) years ago and don’t make often because it is so rich.

It didn’t disappoint!