Frustration Fixer

I thought I was almost finished with this top

but my fav quilt teacher reminded me that, no matter what the pattern says,
I really do need to stitch around each of these damn deer rather than relying on fusible interfacing and long-arm quilting to hold them in place. 

It’s slooooow going. 

So tonight while Lily toasted herself near the space heater - turning every now and then so all her parts were evenly crispy

I made this Chinese Lantern quilt block, from my overflowing scrap bin, for Thursday’s guild meeting. Fast. Easy. Done. 

Tomorrow, I’m back to the deer. 


Vickie said...

Those deer will probably drive you bonkers but oh man what a neat quilt!!

captainhook said...

The deer look fabulous! I just thought the longarm quilter was going to go around the edges of each deer! Lol.