What A Week, Part 1

Leia’s been complaining of stomach pains, off and on, for several weeks. Last Monday the complaints were accompanied by a fairly high fever, so off to the emergency room she went.

The ER doctor heard her coughing, ordered X-rays, promptly diagnosed pneumonia in both lungs and rigged her up with an IV, oxygen tanks and antibiotics. But what about the stomach pains?

 Drinking the contrast meds mixed in apple juice. Yummmm

A contrast CT scan was next on the agenda 

and showed pretty severe intestinal blockage from constipation.

Her temperature was still not under control, her breathing was labored and her stomach hurt. Since the Simi hospital didn’t have a pediatric ICU, 

and the closest in-network hospital with a PICU was in Los Angeles, south of Dodger Stadium,  

Leia and mom got to take an ambulance ride

while the rest of us caravanned along behind.

 Too sick to enjoy the ride.

Once she was checked in, the parental units went home for a bit of sleep while I stayed with Leia overnight. She fell asleep listening to the Food Network and about 3 a.m. - still sound asleep - started talking about “my cake isn’t big enough”. A welcome giggle-moment for me. 

 My 1.5 hour drive home in morning traffic was a PITA, especially with no sleep.