This and That

This and that . . .

We voted!

Leanne and Jaclyn both helped me with my ballot. Poor PopPop had to mark his all by himself. 🙃

Came home to find mama lizard - one of at least 3 living in our yard - sunning herself.

 She (he?) let Jac and me get close enough for a pretty good picture. 

Donovan is almost 2 months old. He loves to smile and wiggle around. Mom is going back to work later this month so we’ll get to spend more quality time with him soon. 

Addy is out of school for the summer - she’ll start middle school this fall (!!) - and celebrated with a quick game of basketball. 

One ER visit later . . . at least her fingers aren’t broken. Also? She’s 5’3, officially taller than Aunt Marie.

Marie transplanted some succulent cuttings from the back yard and all but one not only survived and are blooming. If I’d done the replanting? That ratio would definitely be reversed. 😔

Lily decided to help me with tonight’s quilting project. She knows she’s in my way and does this deliberately, just to see how long I’ll let her stay. 

Good thing she’s cute. 


captainhook said...

Dang it, makes me want a cat!