Phase One Done

Phase 1 of my Kingfisher Stitchalong is done. Whoohoo!!

The flowers are all hand-stitched English paper-piecing (EPP for short) and I’m addicted to making them. Who knew hand-sewing could be this much fun?

 The flowers all have sparkly metallic thread. So pretty.

Phase 2 is sewing flowers to the background diamonds and I can’t decide if I want to hand-sew or machine-stitch them. 

Each has its pluses. Hand-stitching - even though it takes longer - may win out since I can do it while watching tv with hubby. Maybe I’ll start off hand sewing and switch to the machine if I get bored?? The diamonds and borders will be machine sewn, once I get to that point.

 Leftovers - top 3 are duplicates, bottom 2 are my least favorite.

The Stitchalong runs until the end of July, with everyone working at their own pace. I’m hoping to have this completely finished by then, the fates and sick grandkids willing. If you’re on Instagram, check out all the lovely progress pics at #KingfisherStitchalong. 

P.S. Leanne helped me count the finished flowers last week and pick out background fabric. Her dress was as sparkly as my flowers. 


Vickie said...

Fay Purnell (Kevin's wife) and I have been writing lately. She is also quite the quilter. I have given her your blog address so that she can see your wonderful new project.