Another Year Older

What a difference a year makes - more hair, more teeth and a LOT more opinions. 


Jaclyn turned two today but we celebrated yesterday with a trip to every parent’s (and grandparent’s) favorite place - Chuck E Cheese!*

Jac loved it. She played some games on her own but decided she’d much rather hang out with Leia,

run around with sissy Leanne,

dancing with the mouse,

or help mama count tickets.

Speaking of which, Leia was definitely the Queen of Tickets - this batch, won on a single game, was at least 3 times as tall as she!

But sometimes birthdays can be overwhelming, especially when you’re 2, haven’t had a nap, and the magic card won’t make the games work anymore.

Then it’s time for an epic tantrum as grandma carries you screaming from the building. Happy birthday, sweet Jac-Jac. May Year Three be even better. 

* CEC isn’t as bad as it used to be and I almost don’t mind going. The food is decent and, rather than tokens, they have debit-type cards that can be loaded (and reloaded) with either a set number of tokens or a time limit. Much easier for kids and adults.