Every now and then I get an email offer that’s too good to pass up. $35 seats at the Pantages, for a magician who’s spent the last 2 years on Broadway as part of the Illusionists? And it’s family friendly? Yes, please!! 

Oh, did I mention the offer included seats only 8 rows from the stage??? Leia and Leanne were thrilled. 

We had time to kill before the show - even after stopping for dinner in Burbank - so we wandered up Hollywood Blvd, looking at the stars on the Walk of Fame

 Johnny Cash!!

and enjoying dessert at the new Pie Hole restaurant. (The strawberry rhubarb was among the best I’ve ever had. Yummmm.)

Before tonight’s show, I didn’t know much about Adam Trent, only that he’d been part of the Illusionists on Broadway.

He did magic, and was family-friendly, so he’d probably be good, right? 

He was great! The show combines magic, music and humor and we were having a great time even before . . . Adam chose Leanne to come up on stage to help with a magic trick!

She was soooooo excited.


Pick a card...


Write your name . . .

Watch the magic happen!

Adam presented Leanne with a DVD on magic and the card he used in the trick. He also told her if she put the card under her pillow, it would magically turn into a $5 bill. Can’t wait to see how he pulls that one off . . . *

* We talked Leanne into letting her mom frame the card, in exchange for $5. But it took a lot of persuasion. She really, really wanted to see that trick come true.