Zoo-Bee-Do and Naia Too

Look who joined us for zoo day! Naia is 16 now and has the drivers license to prove it. (Scary thought, right??)

  Jacklyn's first photobombing.

The line for zoo parking was blocks long and not moving when we arrived in Santa Barbara this morning. We figured that meant it was already over-crowded and we almost turned around and left.

So glad we didn't! Not sure what the gate snafu was about, but the crowds were minimal inside the park and the weather was spectacular. 

We checked out all our favorite things -


Giraffe feeding. Check.

Gorilla viewing? Check - and he was viewing them right back, having walked over and seated himself right in front of the viewing window just after the girls got there. Needless to say, they were thrilled. (Leanne kept saying she saw gorilla butt! Lol)

Goat and sheep feeding? 

Yep, we did that.

We watched baby flamingoes 

do their daily walk-about;

compared wingspans with a California condor;

checked out the sleepy fox;

and generally had a super good time.

But the number one, hands down, favorite thing for this crew to do?

Nothing else is even close.


 These girls *love* the hill slide.


 If there was nothing else here, they'd still want to go to the zoo.

 And that, folks,

is the end of our tail.