Weaving Continues

Leanne and I picked up weaving where we left off on Tuesday and started threading the "holes" in the reed. 

Leanne is a fast learner and was soon inserting the heddle tool (her original job)

and placing the thread so it could be pulled through to the correct place (my original task.) We only made one mistake in the threading and it was, ahem, my fault. Oopsie.

Leanne also learned the proper way to load a stick shuttle. 

It took a couple of tries to remember the figure-8 path 

 but she was a pro by the time we were done. 

I tied the warp to the front beam while Leanne took a break for reading, gummies

and a bike ride to the park 
with Hoppy and Pop. 


Just before bedtime we started the fun part. I showed Leanne the process twice, then let her take over.

 I know I sound like a ridiculously biased Grandma, but she caught on super quick.
 From inserting the shuttle,

to placing the weft thread at an angle,

then firmly beating

before moving the reed up or down. She can do it all.

I'm so d*mn proud, I could spit.