Spring Break

It's spring break for the local grand-girls. Leanne and JacJac are with us all week (except Wednesday) and I have daily projects planned to keep Leanne entertained and happy. (And also to uphold my reputation as the "fun" grandma.😛)

So on Monday we tried a new recipe for cinnamon roll cake, with added chocolate chips,

that Leanne announced was the "bestest." She did all the measuring and mixing and licking of spoons - this girl is enthusiastic about baking. We also practiced her "sight" words - which she loves to do, especially after I offered to pay $1 for each practice session - and she read three first grade-level books to me. 

Today we visited the Easter Bunny - Jac wasn't sure she liked having her picture taken and flat refused to smile;

took a stroll around the mall 

for pretzels and croissants;

visited Mom so I could get more houseplants to kill;

then started warping the rigid heddle loom for Leanne's first set of dish towels.

Leanne picked the colors - and the color order - 

and was responsible for pulling the threads around the warping peg. 

We got the warp almost completely rolled on before it was time for Leanne to go home (and her attention span started to run out.) Thursday we'll thread the heddles and (hopefully) start weaving. Hooray!