I've wanted to learn to tat for years but never took the time to actually sit down and try.


When I saw beginning tatting on the YarnFest schedule, I was excited.


But the best I can say about the class is I definitely want to learn more. The teacher wasn't the best, unfortunately. She taught well over half the class session with her back to me - which makes it really hard to see what her hands are demo-ing. Without the help of the Canadian lady seated next to me, who had tatted many years ago, I would probably have walked out in frustration. 


The instructor did provide a great list of resources though. Hooray for YouTube and Craftsy classes - I'll be downloading those to watch on the trip home.


And the highlight of my day? Besides the blackberry cobbler at dinner? Addy is an official crocheter!*


We bought her a giant hook and some pretty yarn and she was off and chain-stitching. 


"Grandma, I'm crocheting to the end of the world!" Pretty sure she made about 3 miles of stitches tonight. 

I'm so proud. 

* I gave Addy her first crochet hook when she was about 6 months old (gotta start 'em on the fiber path when they're young!) and taught her to finger crochet last year. Next year she'll probably be designing her own pattern . . .