Early Birthday

Mary's birthday isn't until later this month, 

but with vacation plans, shared custody (Leia had to be here!), and other issues*, 

we celebrated tonight at Mary and Matt's favorite German restaurant. 

Leia and Leanne helped me wrap presents this afternoon - 

dressed in their favorite princess attire - 

while Jac took a nap.

We've eaten at this restaurant before

but never on a Friday night. 

Turns out Friday's are special - it's oompah polka band night! 

So much fun, especially when the little girls and their feather boas took over the dance floor. 

Mary liked her gifts - 

especially the picture from Leia (her first use of water color pencils) - 

and the portrait of Sammy that hubby and I commissioned from a very talented friend of Rachel's. (Check her out - her work is amazing!)
Happy birthday, MayMay! And now I'm off to find downloadable polka tunes for the little girls. (And for me too . . .)

* An early celebration had nothing to do with the fact that I've had Mary's present for over a month and not giving it to her was killing me. Nope, nothing to do with that at all . . .