Treasures From Yarn Fest

I picked up a few treasures during Yarn Fest - surprisingly, none of it was yarn. A friend had asked me to pick up a certain weaving shuttle for her - 

  aren't they lovely?

 and when I got to the KCL Woods  booth, I fell hard for Ken and Carol's yarn bowls.

This one is walnut and turquoise, on a maple turning stand, 

with two interchangeable spindles (one tall and one short, made of purpleheart).

So gorgeous.

I loved it so much, I went back the next day and bought another.

This one is mesquite. 

Just stunning. Good thing the market was closed on Sunday or I might have a third bowl to show you … 

And if that wasn't enough, look what I found Monday while antiquing in Fort Collins.


This thread cabinet is probably from the late 1920's. According to the Google, Belding Brothers & Company merged with Heminway Silk Company in 1925, doing business as Belding-Heminway   Soon after, the company was acquired by Corticelli Silk Company and the name changed to Belding-Heminway-Corticelli. The last mill in Belding closed in 1932.

The box is in amazing shape, with intact dovetailed edges,

and drawers full of colorful thread on a variety of wooden spools. 

Best of all, it was amazingly underpriced. So happy I found this! And there was no way I was trusting this to either the airline or a shipping company. It - and the yarn bowls - came home in my carry-on bag, lovingly wrapped in about a mile of bubble wrap. Love my new treasures.