New Fiber Artists

Rachel took an introductory crochet class at Yarn Fest 2017 and she's officially hooked.

She finished a cowl for Addy, using the pattern and yarn she received in class,

and immediately wanted to go shopping for more yarn. Hooray!

It only took 30 years (from when I first tried to interest her in crochet) but she's now an honest-to-goodness "hooker". 

And if that's not enough, both Addy and Rachel have the weaving bug. 

I helped them warp their new Ashford 10" SampleIt* loom tonight,

stretching the warp from dining room to kitchen.

Addy learned the proper way to load a stick shuttle

but she much preferred the "wefting" to the long, drawn out (to her 10 year old mind) process of warping. 

Aren't they doing a nice job? 

This will eventually become a funky weft-faced scarf - the yarn Rachel picked changes color and texture throughout its length. Can't wait to see it finished!

* The SampleIt is a great little loom. Easy to put together, just the right size for beginners, and at a great price. It doesn't fold like my Ashford Knitters Loom but that's not a drawback in my book. So glad my favorite weaving teacher suggested getting this.