Day 1 - Disneyland!

Addy and her parents came to visit this past week. We picked them up at the airport on Tuesday and headed straight for Anaheim.

An overnight at a local hotel where Rachel luvs the tangerine/rum drinks -  
Addy got to admire the scenery - 
and I had time to relax by the pool with my current Heidi Bears project -
before we were up bright and early the next day for our big adventure. 
And adventure is how we started out - instead of heading into the usual parking structure, we were passed all around - over and under, hither and yon - to an out-of-park "overflow" parking structure on the far side of the park . . . overflow at 9 a.m.???? We should have been in California Adventure by 9:15, but with our driving "adventure" we finally got there about 10. And headed straight for Radiator Springs Racers -
where the line was "only" 50 minutes long . . . So what did we do to pass the time, you ask?
We played "how many pieces of washi tape can we put on mommy before she notices". Pop and Addy's giggling got her attention shortly after this or we might have gotten the entire roll on her by the time we reached the head of the line.
We had time for a few more rides 
before the surprise appointment we'd been teasing Addy about all morning -
a hair, make-up and nail session, 
complete with new dress and crown, 
at the Anna and Elsa Salon in Downtown Disney.
Doesn't she look glamorous!! It absolutely made her day when a couple of random women, waiting in line with us, asked Addy all about her "make-over".  
And even though she had at least a half-pound of gel in her hair, by late afternoon Addy's natural curl had won, refusing to stay where it belonged even a second longer.
Addy got autographs and photos with Anna and Elsa,
who were both extremely charming, asking Addy questions and talking to her like they were all girlfriends. Addy was beyond thrilled. 
We hit California Adventure and a major portion of Disneyland before my feet gave out and I begged off from Pirates in favor of a sit-down (and chocolate funnel cake).
By 10 pm, we were done, but Disney had one last surprise in store for us. We walked out of the Star Wars shop just as Mickey and Minnie arrived. Addy was first in line for autographs and photos -  she was so happy and excited. 
Even though this shot is grainy and dark, it remains one of the highlights of a fabulously fun day.