Season Passes

A nice thing about having season passes to the zoo is you can pack up and go, on the spur of the moment, whenever you want.
Leia and Leanne were both here on Tuesday, so we did just that, 
stopping behind a local craft store to grab some cardboard for the girls' favorite hill slide.
Normally we bring some from home, but forgot this time in the whole, spur-of-the-moment thing. 
They would both, happily, spend all day here,
as long as we kept them supplied with apple juice and snacks.
Other things they love doing - the wind tunnel, where Leia held tight to a scared Leanne the first time through. The second time though, Leanne had just as much fun as her big cousin -
feeding the goats and trying to feed the sheep; 
the goats are very pushy, so it becomes a game of distract and toss to get pellets to the sheepies -
and Leia putting on a singing, dancing stage show to her audience of one.
And of course we can't forget feeding the giraffes. Michael is the main attraction,
maintaining his star status
and keeping the ladies (Audrey, in this case) from sharing the bounty. 
We were told he would head-butt Audrey if she got in the way or if we attempted to feed her. 
Made me want to sneak her some lettuce, but I refrained. Next time though . . . .