Sunday, Fun Day

We'd hoped to make Sunday a three-fer - skating, water park and beach - but the girls were having so much fun at the first two venues that we never made it to the ocean.
Another 'must do' on Addy's list was having Auntie Mary teach her to roller skate. So we packed up the girls, including Leia's best buddy Kayiba, ditched the boys (they wanted to see a movie) and headed to the roller rink.
Addy and Leanne started out with a roller buddy, but both were able to skate without it by the end of 2 hours. 
Leanne stayed strictly on the carpet - the wood floor of the rink was just too slippery for her - and was very proud of her skating skills, 
which is a BIG improvement over last time, her first outing, when she was scared to tears. She's definitely not scared now! (Skating videos are at the end of this post.)
Watching the big kids race.

Mary told us about a Lake Casitas water park that charges just $5 per person for the last two hours of each day. We expected it to be super hot and super crowded, but it was great; very few people and the temp in the shade was comfortable. 
Leia and Kayiba had swim suits - thanks to Mary's foresight - 
but Addy and Leanne got to swim in their shirts and shorts. 
The water slide area was closed

but the girls loved swimming,
tubing down the lazy river,

and running "walking with enthusiasm" through the overhead sprinklers.
Did you notice in the tubing pics that Matt and Mary are doing most of the work . . .
while the little girls are doing the enjoying?
Yeah, the girls would happily have stayed here for days.

Water park video with Addy and Leanne:  

Video proof of skating:
Leanne - 
Addy - 

Leia -