Bowling Along

This week was dedicated to making more fabric bowls. I wanted to practice what I learned in class, but I also wanted to experiment with size and shape.

Hubby, bless him, copied the template I made in class onto clear plastic, cleaning up my "almost" even edges and centering things properly.  This is going to make things soooo much easier!
First up was batiks, made with the class template on one side and longer, slightly wider cuts on the other. 
What I learned: Use an open-toed foot on the sewing machine so I can better see what I'm doing and the center circle comes out a bit less wonky. I'm calling this one "artistic expression" and pretending it doesn't bother me.
The original darts - approx 1" across and 1.25" deep - make the sides curve more (left side above).
Deeper darts - approx 1.25" across and 2" deep - make for smoother, less upright sides(left side above). This bowl is mine; it makes me smile every time I see it.

What grandma has, Leanne wants, so a Minnie Mouse/My Little Pony mash-up was next.
I used a bowl and glass* from my cupboard - 

and I like the size/shape of this one. 
The center stitching is better too, which makes me happy. (Note: darts started 1/2" across, 1" deep; final size 3/4" across; approx 1.25" deep.)

Then I went a little crazy. 
This is using the original template, but I cut the three darts on the left 2+" wide (note: added .5" to each side of template dart) and 1.25" deep. Waaaaaay too steep a curve. 
I relaxed the darts, going back to the original pattern width and slightly longer depth for the remaining cuts. 
I kinda like the shape - baseball cap bowl?? - but my sewing machine hates it.
There's not enough room to get it under the needle, to do the finish edge stitching, without bending and smashing the bowl out of shape. And if I do manage to get it in position, the machine flat refuses to cooperate. Going to give it another try tonight - never say die! - but this one may be a lost cause.

*Breanne made the glass for me, from a wine bottle. Isn't it pretty? And isn't she talented??     


captainhook said...

Love the bowls! Love the experimentation! And, that plastic template is pretty fab too.

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