More Round Things

A few more bowls . . .
This one went home with Breanne today.
I was regretting the orange center, thinking it didn't match well enough.
First thing Bre said when she saw the bowl? "I love the orange!"
A birthday present for a friend - 
Sandy likes Fall colors - something we have in common - so I'm hopeful she'll like this.
I may have to make another for me. . . .

Remember yesterday's lost cause? Turns out my finishing problems were operator error.
It's still a weird shape, but I love it!

And I solved a problem I was having on the bottom of each bowl. The zig-zag stitch for the ribs was a mess,
so I pulled the bobbin thread up before I started sewing, like you do (or are supposed to do) for quilting. 
Much nicer.