Autograph Pillow

Leia was blessed with a fantastic long-term sub teaching her class this year. 
Unfortunately, today was Miss J's last day - the regular teacher comes back to work Tuesday for the remaining few weeks of school.
I got to know Miss J while volunteering in Leia's classroom and wanted to do something to make her last day special. 
So last week, Mary, Leia and I picked out some fabric; 
I cut it up and had each of Leia's classmates sign a square; 
then sewed it into a quilted pillow*; 
and had Leia present it to Miss J during the farewell ice cream party today.
I think Miss J liked it!

* The pillow back design was a fortunate "oopsie". I only bought a half-yard of the main fabric, not quite enough for a solid back, as I'd planned. While stuck in traffic on the way to quilt night - to get help from the sewing experts - I came up with this design, which allowed me to also document the school name, grade and year. Very happy with how it turned out.