Heidi Bears Elephant

Started this guy over Memorial Day weekend, when I taught a class on making Heidi's hexagon turtle, and finished him up this week.
I'm in love. Bodie's* such a sweetheart in all his rainbow finery.
Before this, Heidi's hippo pattern was my favorite. But her Elephant is just as easy to make and even cuter when finished. Those ears!!
The yarn is Cotton Classic Lite, leftover from making Rainbow Rabbit last year. I do love making things from leftover stash!
Heidi's pattern calls for plastic pellets, sewn into a bag and placed in Bodie's buttockal area, to help offset the weight of his trunk. Since I didn't have pellets, I sub'd 18 shiny pennies, sewn securely into a small cloth bag I made from quilt scraps. Works great!

I thought I was over the hexagon animals bug, but apparently not. Pretty sure Bodie needs a smaller buddy to keep him company.

* According to Leia and Addy, all elephants are named "Bodie" in honor of Denver Zoo's star performer and the girl's favorite pachyderm. You can read more about him here; scroll down, the story is worth it.