H2Oh Summer

August's quilting UFO is done. 
H2Oh Summer, 50 x 68".

It would have been finished by the second week - instead of the last day of the month (sorry, Marti!) - but both my sewing machines had issues and went in for repairs. And of course, the repair guy was on vacation so they sat for an extra week until he returned. But it's done and I'm happy.
This quilt has a lot of 'firsts' for me - the first time I've made a tube quilt,
first time I've done serpentine quilting,

first time I've machine sewn the entire binding and been happy about how it turned out.
The quilt top is made from fabric I bought at Joann's last year because it was on sale!! and colorful!! And since I had no plan for it when I bought it (I'm trying to do better about that . . . ), the charm squares just sat in the stash. Until Twelve in Fourteen came along to rescue them.
This is destined to be the outdoor quilt for the grand-girls and me. Leia breaks out in hives when she's on grass, so this will give her some protection. Plus, it's just plain fun to sit on a hand-made quilt when you're outside. 
Leanne was all ready to give it a go today, but we agreed - no dirt buckets allowed, not even if they're color-coordinated!


captainhook said...

Congrats on all those firsts! They turned out great!