Memories In Flight

The Oldest FO in History is in its new home. Don't Jama and Abby look great all wrapped up in pelican memories?
It took me longer than planned to finish the binding - mainly because both my sewing machines needed a trip to the repair shop that same week. 

  Finished size: 47 x 65"

I sewed the front binding on with Leia's new-to-us machine, worrying the whole time that I would burn out the motor. But it worked - that little Janome is a champ.
A student at my fav quilt shop suggested the binding color. Gold was nowhere on my radar before that - I was looking at browns and dark greens, but they made the rest of the quilt look soooo dull. The gold picks up the yellows in the pelican faces and makes the two border strips sparkle.
I named the quilt "Memories in Flight" in honor of Mom. And I told Jama that this is a "use it" not "keep it for special" gift. Judging by that first picture, I think this little quilt's going to get - and give - a lot of love.